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Master P booted from reality show
Much like his bid to make the NBA, Master P's stint on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" was destined to end early. Master P, a late replacement for his son, Lil' Romeo, survived longer than expected, but finally was booted in the show's fourth week. Hated by the show's judges, especially because he refused to wear "proper" dancing shoes, P nonetheless perservered because of a growing fanbase. In fact, despite being arguably the worst ballroom dancer on the show, grassroots websites started to sprout up begging fans to "Keep P Dancing." The tactic worked the first for three weeks and his fan support seemed to be growing, but his sudden exit is fueling speculation that the show now is fixed. Some believe his underdog story was cut short by producers of the show, not the votes, despite claims that "scoring is divided evenly between the judges and the viewers at home." The results from the fourth show seem to indicate otherwise, justified or not. Latest news...

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