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Wyclef Jean votes in Haiti
Wyclef Jean joined millions of Haitians voting in elections to replace the government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was ousted in a bloody rebellion two years ago. "It was a historical day yesterday," Jean said in an interview with The Associated Press. "No matter what happens today, yesterday was historical. The only thing that erupted was the thirst to vote." Although the violence that plagued previous elections in Haiti was absent, the process was not without its problems. "What was sad was just the condition the people were put in to vote," Jean said, citing mile-long lines and late-opening polling stations. "Where I was sent to vote... I mean, I'm walking and there's piss on the floor. I was, like, how is all these people going to get into this little corridor? It was the most insane thing." Jean joked that he voted for himself, but his green shirt seemed to indicate support of Hope party candidate Rene Preval. Green symbolizes hope in Haiti. "See, that should let you know everything," Jean said in reference to his shirt before turning his attention to international support. "People showed incredible patience, and that should send out a signal internationally that the Haitian people are not violent people. I think in the situation that we're in, the international community must not let us down."

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