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J Dilla dies at 32
Hip-hop producer J Dilla, who provided beats for A Tribe Called Quest, Common, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Pharcyde over the years, died Friday of complications from lupus, according to his manager. Dilla, whose real name was James Yancey and also went by Jay Dee, was 32. Dilla was part of Slum Village in the late 1990s, but went solo just as the group started to have critical success. Dilla was honored by two of The 411's writers in 2000 as Best Producer for his work that year on Common's Like Water for Chocolate and Slum Village's Fantastic Vol. 2. While the mainstream might not have known much about him, his peers also recognized his talent. “You may not know his name, but J Dilla, Jay Dee from Detroit,” Pharrell Williams said when asked by BET who his favorite hip-hop producer was in 2004. Dilla most recently contributed two tracks to Common's Be, and his instrumentals-only album, Donuts, was just released Tuesday. Latest news...

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