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DMC targets older crowd
The glasses are gone and so are the Adidas. Some may say "The King of Rock" is gone, too. But DMC is pushing ahead with his debut solo album, Checks, Thugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Years in the making, the set is now targeted for a March 14 release. "It's a bit of time working on a record, but it doesn't seem that long," DMC told MTV. "I didn't set out to do a record where the people that I made the music with, that they just do the track and you come in and do your vocals. Everybody that I worked with, we started from scratch and we composed and we arranged and created new music." As The 411 Online reported in February 2001, DMC was forced to change his style because of problems with his voice. "It's really a universal album," DMC said. "I want the 65-year-old -- no, older than that -- the 67-year-old white guy from the boondocks in Wisconsin that don't give a damn about rap to hear my record and go, 'I'll listen to that.'" DMC reunites with Run on a track called "Come Together" and the album also contains a tribute to Jam Master Jay called "Missin' My Friend." A VH1 documentary that follows DMC as he searches for his birth parents is scheduled to air the same day his album drops. Latest news...

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