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Mos Def behind on child support
The New York Post is reporting that Mos Def has fallen behind on child support payments to his former wife. After divorcing Maria Yepes-Smith, Mos Def was ordered to pay $10,000 a month starting Jan. 1 to support the couple's two daughters. However, Mos Def has come up short by about $2,000 in each of the first two months. "It's the best he can do under the circumstances," said Steven Goldfeder, Mos Def's attorney, during a hearing in Brooklyn. "He has several children. He's always provided for them." Def, who has three other children, has not commented publicly about the issue, but had plenty to say in court, so much so that the judge instructed his lawyer to "tell your client not to talk anymore." Mos interrupted the proceedings several times to complain that his ex-wife was not doing her share. "I'm the only person who's providing for my children," he said. Karen Blaustein, Yepes-Smith's attorney, didn't show any compassion for the "Def Poetry Jam" host that has been nominated for Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe awards. "I've been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie," Blaustein said. "I'm sure he made enough money to pay his child support for his 7- and 8-year-old daughters." Mos Def plays an endangered witness about to testify in a corruption case in "16 Blocks," which will arrive in theaters next month. Latest news...

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