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MC Eiht signs new deal
MC Eiht's West Music, Inc. label inked a distribution deal with Paid In Full/Koch Records, and the veteran West Coast MC's new album, Affiliated, will be the first release. "I named it that because there are a lot of misconceptions in the street as far as West Coast music, namely, what we do as far as West Coast music, how we get down with it, and what we represent," Eiht said in a statement. "A lot of my fans have been anticipating a new record from a true West Coast artist. I get a lot of e-mails asking me questions like, 'When are you going to come back and spit the real, because there is all this fake-ism in the game out there right now. This album title lets people know I'm still affiliated with the streets, with the neighborhoods, and what people are going through out there on the streets. It's not being about glamour and glitz." The first single, "Say Nothing/Compton's Back," will be a Compton's Most Wanted reunion track with a King Tee guest appearance. Affiliated is scheduled to drop April 4, and Eiht expects more exposure this time out. "The promotion will be better, the distribution is better," Eiht said about his new deal. "The label that I have the joint venture with this time is more professional than what was happening with my other independent projects. They don't hesitate to get things done." Latest news...

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