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Lauryn Hill hid from fame
Lauryn Hill continues to shed some light on her disappearance from the public scene, telling WENN that she avoided people and banned TV and radio from her home. "For two or three years I was away from all social interaction," Hill said in the interview. "There was no music. There was no television. It was a very introspective and complicated time because I really had to confront my fears and master every demonic thought about inferiority, about insecurity or the fear of being black." Hill said she wanted to focus on being a mother after leaving the Fugees and finding success as a solo artist. "It took a considerable amount of courage, faith and risk to gain the confidence to be myself. I had to deal with a lot of folks who weren't happy about that. I was a young black woman with an evolved mind who was not afraid of her beauty or her sexuality. For some people that's uncomfortable." Latest news...

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