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Mr. Marcelo changes name to Brick
The artist known to his fans as Mr. Marcelo has changed his name to Brick. "The name Mr. Marcelo was the mafia boss name given to me," he said. "Brick to me is more street. I got the name Brick from my first album, Brick Living, which went gold on No Limit." Brick was born and raised in the Magnolia housing projects of New Orleans, but Hurricane Katrina uprooted him and, like many of the evacuees, he landed in Houston. "I moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina happened in New Orleans, and got it back cracking. It's a bigger market, and it's easier to hustle." Brick still hopes to move back to New Orleans someday. "Don't get it twisted. I'll be back home as soon as I can find me a house to buy. I'd like to move back to Uptown, 'cause I'm from the Magnolia projects, and Uptown is our area. They got a lot of things that they've gotta get back together before I can move back out there." Brick's upcoming album, Magnolia Raised Me, will be released on Ball or Fall Records later this year. Latest news...

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