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Hip-hop's Oscar aftermath
Three 6 Mafia wasn't the only hip-hop winner at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Ludacris shared in the victory for Best Picture as part of the ensemble cast of "Crash." "I'm feeling like a million dollars -- no, 10 million dollars," Ludacris told MTV. "We freed a lot of people and a lot of minds, and that's why it was so powerful that it had to win Best Picture. If people understand that, you'll realize that's why we beat 'Brokeback Mountain.' There, I said it." Ludacris wasn't nearly as comfortable earlier during the E! network's red carpet coverage. When designer Isaac Mizrahi asked him who dressed him, Luda responded with his real name, "Chris Bridges." When Mizrahi asked, "Who's that?" Ludacris said, "He's this up-and-coming kid who's sold a million records." Meanwhile, people couldn't stop talking about Three 6 Mafia's landmark performance and victory. Jamie Foxx, last year's winner for Best Actor, appreciated how the Memphis group responded to their win. "Three 6 Mafia was in the house, baby," Foxx told MTV. "That was beautiful. To me, it was one of the most genuine moments of happiness. ... Theirs was the most felt." Backstage after their win, Juicy J was still excited. "When we ran out, I just couldn't believe it," J said. "I couldn't sit still. My heart was beating. I just ran. People probably thought the police were chasing me or something." He also was surprised a trigger-happy censor bleeped out words early on in their performance. "We changed the lyrics up completely," he said. "I had to. My mom was watching." Latest news...

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