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Welcome to Naledge 101
Naledge opened for fellow Chicago native Common at the House of Blues on March 1 with a performance that suggested good things to come from this recent Rawkus signee. The 411 Online spoke with Naledge before the show, and the Ivy League graduate had plenty to say, from opening for an idol in front of a hometown crowd to life at the University of Pennsylvania. "I had more fun than you would expect, with the way that Ivy League schools are stereotyped," he said. Naledge also described his desire to bring the Native Tongues style back into the spotlight. "I think that's my niche," he said. "I don't think when people hear me they're going to hear anything that's necessarily completely new, because they're going to hear all of the influences that I had growing up. But at the same time, it's refreshing, because it's something that hasn't been at the forefront or in the mainstream for so long. By the same token, I'm not rapping like Tribe, I'm not rapping like the Pharcyde, I'm not rapping like Large Professor, I'm just an evolution of the movement they spawned. That's really how I see myself." Click here for the complete interview...

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