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Lil' Jon drops adult film
Lil' Jon has released the first of two adult movies he produced in association with Vivid Entertainment. Jon was involved in every detail of "Lil' Jon's Vivid Vegas Party," from coaching the actresses to writing the sensual score. Jon serves as the host of the film, and although his role is billed as a "non-sex" performance, at one point he holds one of the actresses in his arms while she is preoccupied with another woman. In the opening scene, Lil' Jon tells viewers, "We’re going to show you how we party. We'll show you how we get down and how freaky wild we get." Jon was on set throughout the production, which took place in Vegas hotel rooms as well as on studio sets. He pops up throughout the film and at one point exclaims, "I love my job!" The DVD went on sale in explicit and non-explicit versions Monday. Latest news...

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