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Ghostface ready to reappear
Even though his latest album is scheduled to drop on March 28, Ghostface Killah still is making last-minute additions. Just before embarking on a two-month tour in support of Fishscale this week, Ghost emerged from the studio with a track titled "Momma" that might end up being the second single. The first single, "Back Like That," features Ne-Yo and is getting regular rotation on the radio and the networks. Ghostface said recently that he hopes the new album solidifies his reputation as a storyteller. "I'm a good storyteller, so I like to write things in the movie zone," he told MTV. "I'm best at that, rather than just freestyle. I like explaining stories." Ghost's club tour launched March 5 in Millvale, Pa., and will wrap up April 22 in New York City.

The complete schedule: March 5: Millvale, PA; March 6: Cleveland, OH; March 7: Detroit, MI; March 8: St. Louis, MO; March 9: Indianapolis, IN; March 10: Chicago, IL; March 11: Des Moines, IA; March 12: Minneapolis, MN; March 13: Omaha, ME; March 14: Lawrence, KS; March 15: Boulder, CO; March 16: Vail, CO; March 17: Englewood, CO; March 18: Austin, TX; March 19: Boise, ID; March 20: Bend, OR; March 21: Seattle, WA; March 22: Portland, OR; March 24: San Francisco, CA; March 25: Santa Cruz, CA; March 26: San Diego, CA; March 27: West Hollywood, CA; March 28: Anaheim, CA; March 29: Tempe, AZ; March 31: Austin, TX; April 1: Houston, TX; April 6: Atlanta, GA; April 7: Carrboro, NC; April 8: Asheville, NC; April 9: Charlottesville, VA; April 11: Baltimore, MD; April 13: Boston, MA; April 18: Providence, RI; April 19: So. Burlington, VT; April 20: New Haven, CT; April 21: Northampton, MA; April 22: New York, NY. Latest news...

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