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MC Hammer goes to bat for Barry Bonds
The hot topic of the week in the sports world is San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and steroids. ESPN and the mainstream media have weighed in, but what does MC Hammer think? Seriously. The man is qualified. After all, the former Oakland A's batboy got his nickname from Hammerin' Hank Aaron, the man Bonds is only 47 home runs behind for the all-time major league baseball title. He also took batting practice at the Atlanta Braves' training camp this spring. And who can forget all of those A's and Giants jerseys in the "U Can't Touch This" video? Apparently, the loyalty to the Bay Area comes before the loyalty to the namesake, because Hammer is all about Bonds on his blog. "For all of us who played the game and love the game, to see you walk out while in earshot of the all-time most prestigious record in the game of baseball would be a slap in our collective faces," Hammer says. "Don't let the bloodhounds shake you... Finish the mission. Do it for San Francisco, do it for baseball, do it for your kids, do it for your dad (R.I.P.), and do it for yourself. Barry, you deserve to be the all-time greatest home run hitter in baseball history." Hammer's blog, which was launched in February, also has his latest video, "Look," audio posts and pictures of him and his blog around the world "from London to the Bay." Well, actually only from New York to San Jose, so maybe he'll have to adjust those lyrics on his next tour. Latest news...

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