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Do or Die plan to 'Get That Paper'
One of Chicago's earliest hip-hop success stories is ready to return to the spotlight. Do or Die, whose 1996 album, Picture This, spawned a gold single in "Po Pimpin'" and helped keep fellow Windy City native Twista at the forefront, are set to drop their fifth album, Get That Paper, on March 28. Not only are they back on Rap-a-Lot, but AK, Nard and Belo also are returning to the vintage formula that made Do or Die a household name. "Everybody outside of the city knows us for "Po Pimpin'" but our first single locally was a song called 'No Love,'" said AK. "That was the song that gave our city's hip-hop its definition. It helped to let people know what Chicago was really about. It helped mold Chicago rap into what you hear now." Longtime collaborator Legendary Traxter is handling the production on several tracks, including "36-24-36," "Grown Folkz Biz" and "Hey Ma" featuring UGK's Bun B. Latest news...

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