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Big Daddy Kane debuts as radio reporter
Big Daddy Kane told you back in 1989 that "I Get the Job Done," so maybe that's why Black Enterprise has tapped him to broadcast their "Keys to a Better Life" business reports. The magazine will find out how he works when his reports air twice a day on 29 Clear Channel radio stations in April. "Black Enterprise is doing big things by providing important financial and home ownership information to young, Black America," Kane said. "These issues are important and I'm honored to be a part of it." Besides the references to business in his lyrics, Kane also has launched a successful one of his own, Mahogany Entertainment. In addition to his debut as a radio reporter, Kane will return to his roots to headline the free Brooklyn Hip-hop Festival on June 24. "I was one of the first to plant a flower in Brooklyn, now I'm coming back to watch it blossom in my backyard," Kane said in a statement released on the festival's website. Latest news...

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