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MC Eiht gets 'Affiliated'
MC Eiht's nineteenth album -- and first on Paid In Full/Koch -- will be released Tuesday. Affiliated will contain 14 tracks and will be enhanced with exclusive interview footage and a new music video. Among the album's tracks is the radio single, "CPT'z Bac," which reunites the legendary Compton's Most Wanted. Eiht thinks another track, "Just Lean," will take fans back to the CMW days as well. "A lot of down south n----- like to hear their stuff slow and screwed and chopped, so that was my focus when I heard the beat. The first thing I thought about was Texas and down south, and how they be chopping and screwing their s---. I wanted for them to get down, because they've always been supportive of MC Eiht, and what I do, so I just wanted to throw some of that back." The track was produced by Chill and well-known rave DJ Subflo. "I got down with my man Sub, because I wanted people to know that we got all types of flavors, not just hip-hop, but we got all kinds of diversity. So I did this one on the strength of how we lean in Compton." Latest news...

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