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Diddy's latest TV creation canned
Puff Daddy's "Celebrity Cooking Showdown" got taken out of the oven early after averaging a disappointing 4.3 million viewers. The NBC show, created by Diddy and intended to run on consecutive nights last week as an "event," was pulled from the Thursday and Friday schedules and combined into a two-hour season finale that aired Saturday. Luminaries such as Tom Arnold and Patti LaBelle were beaten by model Cindy Margolis, who decided to celebrate her victory by announcing that she's posing for Playboy. "I'm both shocked and excited at my victory," said Margolis, adding later: "It's always been a dream of mine to pose in Playboy." Just as it's certainly been the dream of all the people that made Margolis "the most downloaded woman on the Internet" over a decade ago for her to wait until she was 40 to do it. Latest news...

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