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T.I. speaks at funeral of murdered friend, assistant
T.I. was among the mourners who spoke at the funeral for Philant Johnson, which began shortly after 1 p.m. Monday with a 10-minute procession of mourners. T.I. and his ex-girlfriend, Tomeka Cottle of Xscape, were last in a procession at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. Johnson, T.I.'s longtime friend and personal assistant, was killed last week after an altercation at a Cincinnati nightclub. "I can't really tell you how I met Philant," T.I. said during the service. "I can tell you we had a lot of good times, spent a lot of money, drove all the finest cars. I ain't never did nothing quite this hard. For my partner, I ain't even going to focus on no negativity. Family forever and I love you." Killer Mike and former "American Idol" finalist Kinnik Sky, who performed at the service, were also in attendance. Meanwhile, Cincinnati police warned the public that they were on the lookout for retaliation. "The Cincinnati Police Department has received information through a variety of sources, intelligent sources, covert sources, media, and citizens that have given us various information that would indicate the possibility of retaliation-type attacks for those people who are close to the rap artist or affiliated with the rap artist that was victimized in the shooting last week," Col. James Whalen said in a message to the media over the weekend. "Some of the information indicates that there are out-of-town people, possibly from Atlanta, that are in town to carry out this type of attack." T.I. plans to resume his U.S. tour with Yung Joc in New Orleans on Tuesday. Latest news...

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