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Fat Joe gushes about being a Yankees fan
Fat Joe was the focus of the "Front Row Fans" segment on Major League Baseball's weekly television series, "This Week in Baseball," on Saturday. The series, which precedes the Fox network's national MLB broadcast, highlights a different team each week and finds a famous fan for that team. With a team like the 26-time World Series champion New York Yankees, you'd think there would be plenty of fans to choose from, but "This Week in Baseball" picked Fat Joe because he grew up just blocks away from the legendary stadium the team calls home in the Bronx. "Some people used to sneak into the Apollo, but I used to sneak into Yankee Stadium," Joe said. "I grew up on 165th and Trinity and Yankee Stadium is on 161st and River. You always knew when there was a Yankees game, because you could see the whole sky lit up from the projects." Joe went on to discuss his favorite Yankees. "I love Bernie [Williams], Mariano [Rivera], A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez] -- we've adopted him, but my favorite is Derek Jeter," he said. "I don't want to jinx you, but '2' [Jeter's number], you're No. 1." Joe, who said his favorite place to sit while growing up was the bleachers, has been able to afford seats a little bit closer to the action now. Joe shared a story about how he was once seated near the on-deck circle and was yelling at Jeter to give him a home run. After Jeter ended the game with a shot, Joe claimed that the Yankees shortstop paused for a moment to point at him before jumping on home plate and celebrating with his teammates. "We never lose when Fat Joe is in Yankee Stadium," he said. With no World Series titles since 2000, the Yankees might want to keep Joe around more often if that's true. Latest news...

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