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Gnarls Barkley expands reach
Gnarls Barkley announced a number of new summer tour dates and TV appearances as the duo's acclaimed debut album continues to rise up the charts. Cee-Lo and DJ Danger Mouse's St. Elsewhere, which features the international hit "Crazy," has ascended to No. 14 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 168,000 copies in just four weeks. The duo's expanded West Coast live dates will include multiple-night stands in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and one in Costa Mesa, Calif. Gnarls also is among the featured musical guests on the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, which premiered Thursday, but will no doubt be repeated throughout time -- don't miss the Star Wars-themed Darth Vader and Stormtrooper outfits. On June 12, the duo will be appearing live on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The group made its North American television debut last month, performing "Crazy" on NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Latest news...

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