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LAPD steps up effort to solve Biggie murder
The chief of police in Los Angeles launched a task force to investigate the unsolved 1997 murder of Notorious B.I.G. Findings made by LAPD chief William Bratton's new task force could help the city in its argument against Biggie's family's claims in a wrongful death lawsuit that suggest police officers were involved in the killing. "It's very good that Bratton has brought renewed focus to this case," City Councilman Jack Weiss, head of the council's Public Safety Committee, told the Los Angeles Times. "Hopefully it will lead to identification of the actual killer or killers. At a minimum, it should provide some definitive reasons to rule out the more outlandish theories that have evolved over the years." Law enforcement sources told the Times that the task force's primary lead to pursue involves the theory that Compton's Southside Crips killed Biggie in connection with 2Pac's 1996 murder. Another theory implicates Suge Knight, who has denied any involvement. The Los Angeles city council voted in March to approve a $1.1 million payment to Biggie's family. A mistrial in a federal lawsuit by the family led to the fine, which is intended to cover the cost of legal fees and other expenses. A judge ruled that police intentionally hid statements that linked the killing to two LAPD officers. Biggie was shot and killed March 9, 1997, outside the Petersen Automotive Museum, where a Soul Train Awards afterparty was being hosted by Vibe magazine. A new trial is set for early next year. React: Comment on this story...

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