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React: Do you think Lil' Kim stole a song?

Kidz in the Hall sign record deal
Major League Entertainment and Rawkus Records announced Monday that Naledge and Double O, the dynamic duo known as Kidz in the Hall, have signed a worldwide recording agreement with Rawkus Entertainment. Their debut album, School Was My Hustle, will drop Oct. 31. MLE and the Kidz are familiar with Rawkus since the company will be releasing Naledge's solo debut in early 2007. A trio of dual statments accompanied the announcement. "In the classic tradition of Gangstarr's Daily Operation, Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star, Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are Reflection Eternal, Naledge and Double 0 are Kidz in the Hall," said Rawkus co-presidents Brian Brater and Jarret Myer. "These two are on some next level sh--. The next hip-hop classic is alive and kicking on Rawkus Records. Welcome to the future. Real talk continues. Don't sleep." MLE's Matt Marcus and Dan Solomito agreed: "It is clear to our team at Major League that the staff at Rawkus has their sights set on putting out music that will raise the bar for the entire industry. The confidence and commitment they have shown to Naledge and Double O made this a very easy decision. Their music is timeless. Naledge and Double O are the future of hip-hop... bottom line." And last but not least, the men of the hour said their peace in a joint statement: "This deal with Rawkus is an excellent opportunity to further the reach of the Kidz in the Hall movement. What we are doing with this album is giving people a snapshot of our lives and experiences through multiple view points. In the end it comes down to a simple mantra: 'By taking chances you can accomplish well beyond your dreams.' That's what we did with this album and that's what we will continue to do in the future."

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