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Cassidy critically injured in car crash
Cassidy is in intensive care in a New York hospital with a fractured skull after a car crash in New York. Doctors do not believe his injuries are life-threatening. The star was hurt in a crash involving his car and a truck near a recording studio he uses. A performance alongside Jennifer Lopez scheduled for December will not go ahead, his spokesperson said. Swizz Beats, Cassidy's producer and friend, told the BBC: "I'm not trying to get too excited about the situation and I want to stay focused and be able to keep everybody else focused and calm." According to Beats, Cassidy had just finished a new album. Cassidy, whose real name is Barry Reese, served eight months in prison for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. The artist was convicted in January, after a man was shot dead behind his house in Philadelphia. The court ruled that Cassidy had been grossly negligent for supplying guns that killed Desmond Hawkins.

-- BBC

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