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Eric B., NAACP hold funeral for N-word
Hip-hop legends Eric B. and Kurtis Blow helped the NAACP hold a public burial for the N-word during its annual convention on Monday in Detroit. "This is not just about burying the N-word," said Eric B., who along with Rakim managed to drop hip-hop classics with virtually no cursing starting in the mid 1980s (before every rap album carried the iconic parental advisory label). "This is more importantly about burying the attitude and behaviors that cause you to act like or be called that word. It's time to take a stand." A marched from downtown Detroit's Cobo Center to Hart Plaza followed two horses pulling a pine box adorned with a bouquet of fake black roses and a black ribbon with the word printed on it. The coffin was to be placed at Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery and have a headstone. "We need to transform the minds of our people," said Kurtis Blow. "By reforming our minds we will change society. By changing the way you think of yourself, you will change the way others think of you." NAACP chairman Julian Bond took a shot at Jay-Z during his eulogy. "I heard somebody say that when Jay-Z talks about hos, he gets a gold record. When Don Imus talks about hos, he gets fired. We believe in equal justice and equal justice for everyone."

-- The 411 Online

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